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New Rifton Stander Prone | Supine | Multi-Position

The Rifton Stander in prone configuration

Prone Configuration

Optional components: prone knee cuffs, tray, additional trunk laterals, medial/lateral thigh supports

The Rifton Stander in Supine configuration

Supine Configuration

Optional components: head blocks, butterfly harness, tray, additional trunk laterals, medial/lateral thigh supports

A girl stands on a Rifton Stander while a boy talks to her.

New Stander Features standard on all sizes

Hip abduction on the Rifton Stander

0-30° independent hip abduction is standard on all sizes and configurations.

The base frame of the Rifton Stander

Base frame: the two, locking 8" side wheels are paired with two casters to the front and the back to provide excellent maneuverability and stability. 

The height adjustment column on the Rifton Stander

Height adjustment: the column allows six inches of height difference, assisted with a locking gas spring.

The sandals on the Rifton Stander

Adjustable sandals move forward and back, rotate and can be reversed as needed for switching from prone to supine and vice versa.

The tilt adjustment on the Rifton Stander.

Tilt adjustment: the padded body supports tilts 90° from horizontal to vertical.

A girl smiles and waves, standing on a Rifton Stander

Room for growth: with options to adjust overall height plus individual components, this stander accommodates growth and a wide range of sizes.

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